5 Dog-Friendly Travel Apps

June 2012 Update: Our free Dog Friendly app is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

iPhone appYou can find almost anything on the web these days, and that’s great news if you’re traveling with your dog.

i Love Dog-Friendly is currently developing a travel app that will provide you and your pooch with access to more than 10,000 locations and businesses that welcome wet noses. Be sure to keep an eye out for our app’s release in the next few months.

In the meantime we’ve listed five other dog-friendly apps that will help to ensure that you and your buddy have a great time while traveling.

1. Off Leash – Eukanuba

When you’re on the go with your pooches in tow, this app will help you to search through over 600 dog-friendly parks across the U.S., and also provides directions.

If you find a park that isn’t listed on the app, it’s simple to add it.

2. Pet Vet Records – Integrated Internet

This app keeps track of your pooch’s veterinary records for you, and it’s a lot easier to carry than your dog’s medical file.

The website says, “Having an up-to-date pet record is a valuable part of keeping a pet healthy. Also, we have experienced difficulty transferring records from one vet to another – we’d like to remedy that by giving the pet owner control of their own records.”

The Pet Vet Records app is free, but a paid version is in the works that will support vet interaction and allow you to share your vet records with your Pet Pals.

3. MyPetED – MyPetED

This $1.99 app will help you locate local vets, store your dog’s vet visit information and log health records, such as vaccinations, in the Pet Care Log section. It also allows you to quickly locate an emergency clinic in case something happens to your buddy during your trip.

If you ever lose your pet, the app allows you to post a photo and description of your dog to alert others in your community.

The app also has a feature that allows you to look up dogs that are available for adoption, in case you’re looking for a new friend.

4. Fido Factor – Fido Factor

Just like the Off Leash app, Fido Factor allows users  to locate dog-friendly parks, restaurants, stores, beaches, hotels and more.

This app will give you the address as well as a map with directions to the location of your choice. It also features user-submitted reviews, and provides important dog policy information for each location, such as dog size restrictions and off-leash rules.

According to the website, if you and your pooch are residents of San Francisco, where the company is based, “you can take advantage of the Fido Factor San Francisco SPCA training discounts and charitably support The SF/SPCA when you add or review locations.”

5. PetcentricNestle Purina Petcare Company

With this free app you’ll be able to find dog-friendly hotels, restaurants and bars in your area. The app also provides easy access to dog-friendly travel information, events and pet services.

You can watch popular dog videos, read dog articles and make your pooch the talk of the town by posting his photos.

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Kara Ogushi

Contributing writer Kara Ogushi is a pet mom to two dogs and five rabbits. When she isn’t writing travel tips for pooches, she’s exploring new ways to share and create media.

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