Guest Blog: Tips for Exercising Your Dog on Vacation

By Bethaney Wallace, Guest Blogger

travel tipsMost dog lovers will agree that the ability to take our dogs on vacation is one of the best aspects of a break. Whether traveling across town or several states away, bringing along our best friends allows us to relax, sight see, indulge and more without leaving a beloved family member at home. After all, why should Sparky have to spend the week at the kennel while you’re off enjoying the beach or a beautiful mountain setting?

Many times this means extra planning or making arrangements up front, but, a well-planned vacation will easily pay off just by going smoothly.

However, there are some activities that just can’t be done with a dog. Certain museums, shows and businesses have strict codes, and only allow service dogs.

During these times of separation, your dog can enjoy various activities of his own.

From snoozing in the sun to making friends at a doggy day care, it’s important to keep your pooch exercised while you’re away, lest he become rowdy or bored.

  • Start by asking your hotel to recommend a local dog sitter or walker.
  • In bigger cities, chances are a dog walker, or day-care facility will be nearby; give them a call to see what services or dog care they offer.

Give your pup some much-needed attention instead of a long day of waiting in your hotel room. Local walkers can be let in by hotel staff, and doggie day care allows you to drop off and pick up your pooch at various hours throughout the day. These types of establishments are ideal for an ever-changing itinerary.

As for DIY dog entertainment, there are plenty of activities that are pet friendly and, in addition, assist in dog health:

  • Take your dog on a walk around local monuments, such as the National Mall, war memorials or a hiking trail through the Grand Canyon.
  • When scenery is involved, such as the Rockies or Niagara Falls, take your dog on a walk; he’ll love the view as much as the extra attention … not to mention the squirrels to chase or hills to work on cardio.
  • A game of Frisbee or chasing a squeaky toy at the park can be the perfect way to fit in some playtime.

These events are a way for both of you to get some exercise, while spending some much-needed time out of the hotel room. Remember to keep these travel tips in mind the next time you’re traveling with a dog; they can help make your vacation one to remember.

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Bethaney Wallace is a seasoned writing professional whose work has been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines and websites. She is a freelance blogger for

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